Introducing ONE

  • Mission

    to unify all your chosen social networks into ONE profile, giving people the power to connect instantly on all platforms.

  • Vision

    to shape the future of social networking and make life easier for the people who want to stay connected with friends, family and all their interests, accross the world.

  • Solution

    In a world where social networking is constantly evolving, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all the available platforms as well as becoming harder to connect with other people. ONE solves this problem by unifying all your social networks, giving the power back to you.

Make it ONE

Unify your social networks

  • Simplicity

    all your social networks in ONE simple profile

  • Customized

    choose the social networks you want to share with ease

  • Connectivity

    connect with your friends, family and interests across all their social networks

  • Agile

    update your ONE profile with the social networks you use and remove those you don’t

How It Works

Unify all your social networks with ONE

Having trouble keeping track of all your social networks? You now only need to share your ONE profile to share all your networks with your friends, family, fans or customers.

Benefits Of ONE

  • Have all your chosen social networks in ONE simple profile

  • Connect on all the social networks that your friends or family have shared on ONE

  • All you need is your friend's ONE name to find them on all the social networks

  • ONE makes is easy to share all your social networks with everyone

  • Quickest and easiest way to connect with others on all the various social networks

App Screenshots

Get a sneak peek at what ONE looks like


We are ONE

The team that brought you ONE.


Farid Jumah


The creator of ONE.


Tanuj Damani

Co-Founder CTO

Getting ONE from our minds into your hands.




Making sure everyone knows about ONE.

ONE News

Keep yourself updated on whats going on with ONE.

ONE Launches

ONE launches globally out of Dubai on 1st January 2016

Launching ONE

ONE will be launching Globally in early 2016.

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